Iron Environments has been a custom fabrication leader in the Central Oregon construction scene since 2007. We perfect our products down to the smallest detail to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

Architectural Fabrication

Whether your needs involve structural steel or decorative steel, we have the construction knowledge and experience that you deserve. Combine that with state of the art equipment and you can rest assured you will be very satisfied with your investment. From Computer Aided Design, CNC cutting and forming, MIG and TIG welding capabilities, tube bending and roll forming capabilities, we are Central Oregon’s solution to all of your construction fabrication projects.

Automotive Fabrication

Iron Environments has been a sponsor, competitor and leader in the automotive racing scene since 2005. From roll cages to custom aluminum work, full race car builds and repairs, we can help you get your automotive customization done right the first time and improve your competitive edge on the race track. We have the capabilities to build a race car from the ground up, in house. This assures the attention to detail you demand with a price you can afford. Why not trust your automotive fabrication to someone who trusts it with their life?